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“The greatest effort is not concerned with results.”

Emily Dickinson, “I dwell in possibility” April 1, 2008

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    I dwell in Possibility–
A fairer House than Prose–
More numerous of Windows–
Superior–for Doors–Of Chambers as the Cedars–
Impregnable of Eye–
And for an Everlasting Roof
The Gambrels of the Sky–

Of Visitors–the fairest–
For Occupation–This–
The spreading wide my narrow Hands
To gather Paradise–


Live in the moment March 14, 2008

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Poetry and quotes about living in the moment….please read 🙂


understanding the poem February 8, 2008

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Step one: first, read poem.

Step two: Print article, re-read poem, highlight words you don’t know, Number these words

Step 3: Look up words on mirian webster website.

Step 4: Make Vocab sheet on Microsoft word.

Step 5: Re-read poem, now understanding every word. 🙂

Step 6: Apply it toward your own life. Choose writing, art, music, or whatever your best creative outlet is to express yourself. After choosing your best medium, express your thoughts on the subject.

You will be happy you’ve done this. There is no grade. No expectations….just wonderful things to learn about life!! 🙂


emily dickinson

The feet of people walking home

Emily Dickinson

<!– The feet of people walking home Emily Dickinson poem The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson –>


The feet of people walking home
With gayer sandals go—
The Crocus— til she rises
The Vassal of the snow—
The lips at Hallelujah
Long years of practise bore
Til bye and bye these Bargemen
Walked singing on the shore.

Pearls are the Diver's farthings
Extorted from the Sea—
Pinions— the Seraph's wagon
Pedestrian once— as we—
Night is the morning's Canvas
Larceny— legacy—
Death, but our rapt attention
To Immortality.

My figures fail to tell me
How far the Village lies—
Whose peasants are the Angels—
Whose Cantons dot the skies—
My Classics veil their faces—
My faith that Dark adores—
Which from its solemn abbeys
Such ressurection pours.