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Tin Can Projects April 26, 2008

Note to self

I want to learn how to powder coat something

I also need to buy a dremel tool

so I can make my tin can lamp shades for my chandelier. 🙂


Design Project: Antiqued Mirror February 11, 2008


I saw this being made on an episode of 24 hour design on HGTV.  This is a great way to take a mirror and give it personality…I will def. be using these tips to spruce up my own mirror!


how to cover a lamp shade. February 4, 2008

Filed under: garbage finds — rainbowheartstar @ 12:00 am

This article on about.com tells you how to cover a lamp shade…which is a project I will be tackling soon. I found this big old lamp shade in the garbage. It’s been sitting in the back seat of my 94 dodge spirit getting thrown around for 2 weeks by my back seat passengers. I am waiting to save some money to buy some of the beautiful fabric from warm biscuit to cover my shade. Then I need to find a good base for the lamp. Your actually supposed to find the base first, but I like this lamp shade. So I’ll find one…time to go thrift shopping 🙂