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“The greatest effort is not concerned with results.”

About January 19, 2008

My name is Stephanie. I created this site as a way to store all the cool things I track down while I’m living on this very interesting earth. I also create some pretty nifty things of my own. I like to show these things off here as well. I go garbage picking, and get really really excited when I find something with makeover potential. I also love thrift stores, garage sales,  I paint and decorate everything I can find. I also like to arrange different things and make beautiful tablescapes. I photograph them, and put them on here too. Whether its something I’ve made or something made by someone I think is amazing, I hope that everything on here is an inspiration to you! Since I am eclectic, my site is too. It’s main focus is decorating, but I throw in some sociological advice articles I write as well.  I also give great decorating advice/ and some great color “therapy” (check out this interview with Constance Ramos to understand what I mean), If your recreating your space, I will gladly give you personal advice on anything/ everything you need help with, just send me pictures of your space and colors you already like, and I can show you how to tie it all together! This is what I daydream about…so I guess this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I’d like to offer really great advice, share my great tips and findings,  and be able to turn trash to treasures, and donate them to people that visit my site. If you enjoy my site, and want to give me the opportunity to do what I love all the time, you can send money donations and/ or furniture/ fabric/ craft supply donations to me at anytime!

If I raise enough money, I would like to have a contest once every 2 weeks, where the winner gets a room in their house decorated for free. The catch would be that the room will be designed on a $500 budget each time, and I will be showing the progress of the room step by step on my site.  Each project for the room will be described in a detailed, clear way, so that if you like the results, you can do it for your own home! I will be creating a series of tablescapes with different color schemes I’ve come up with. The owner will pick the one that they like the best, and that will be the inspiration for the room. I also require that the owner gives me permission to use things from other rooms in their house that may work well in their new space. ( We have to save money somewhere!) The owner will also be helping me with the room, and we will do different types of painting techniques and projects that look chic, but are a fraction of the cost, and much more special! This idea is just floating around in my head, and may be changed a bit as I think about it more. This will be a very similar concept to Design on a DimeDecorating Cents and Color Correction on HGTV.

Your donations, both big and small, would be very appreciated, and put to great use. I will be setting up a pay pal account for this shortly.


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