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Movies I love. (in no particular order.) February 10, 2008

Filed under: movies — rainbowheartstar @ 12:41 am


beaches, first wives club, liar liar, 40 year old virgin, lady and the tramp, Aladdin, juno, amelie, bedknobs and broomsticks, clueless, romie and michelle’s highschool reunion, mean girls, just friends, pulp fiction, goodfellas, boys don’t cry, uptown girls, the hours, billy madison, breakfast club, sixteen candles, pretty in pink, the mirror has two faces, steel magnolias, norbit, deuce bigalow male giggalo, terms of endearment, fear and loathing in las vegas, dumbo, et, exorcist, pretty woman, meet the parents, meet the fockers, dude wheres my car, just married, matilda, coming to america, legally blonde, the sweetest thing, girl inturrupted, cruel intentions, sword in the stone, the sixth sense, parent trap, freaky friday (original), grease, the shining, national velvet, chittychitty bangabang, the great mouse detective, jungle book , rescuers, rescuers down under, care bears movie, fantasia, christmas story, cinderella, shawshank redemption, it’s a wonderful life, heidi, a little princess, titanic, little women, anne of green gables, mary poppins, stir or echos, patriot, gladiator, happy gilmore, patch adams, footloose, empire records, reality bites, short circuit, sound of music, my fair lady, out of towners, private benjamin, overboard, sleeping with the enemy, ferris beuller, pinocchio, selena, the whole nine yards, snow white, shrek, now and then, annie, the grass harp, saturday night fever, karate kid, monster, party monster, thelma and louise, step mom, mrs. doubtfire, a walk to remember, when harry met sally, Jay and silent bob strike back, harold and kumar go to white castle, closer, hard candy, thirteen, what women want, wizard of oz, it, stand by me, ghost, problem child, dirty dancing, home alone, grandma’s boy, what lies beneath, the ring, coneheads, goonies, skeleton key, my best friend’s wedding, the wedding singer


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