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Mixed Market Arts…very sweet deal! January 30, 2008

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I came across this site while reading Pennie Pinching Pookie’s  lovely blog! This is a very clever idea…and a great way to make some money. And who doesn’t love money for doing practically nothing at all? The blog is called Mixed Market Arts. Once a week you have a chance to win $25 worth of paypal money. The contest has no starting date and no finishing date, which is good because I never seem to get to things on time, why should a contest be any different??  I’m new at all this blog contest stuff, but I am seeing more and more stuff like this. This is a great way for people to get to see your blog as well, because if you win, not only do you get the $25 in paypal money, but he will give a link to the winner’s blog. You can only win the contest once a month, but you get to enter over and over again. You only have to sign up once, and you will be eligible to win for a whole year. You also have chances to win more than $25 because he allows sponsors to donate cash and prizes. These extra prizes will be added on to the $25. I can’t complain. This is truly a sweet deal. Usually I find something wrong with just about everything…but this seems legit. Try it out…sign up right now to be the next weekly winner.


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