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Bloggy Giveaway Carnival.. January 28th – February 2nd! January 28, 2008

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I will be giving away the pretty flower mirror that I made. I handpainted it, varnished it, and then put some little gems on it. It would look beautiful in so many different rooms because it has a large variety of colors.Thanks Sharron at Rocks In My Dryer and Bloggy Giveaways for hosting something so fabulous!ย  Just leave a comment on this post to enter to win this mirror! You don’t have to have a blog to enter, so please leave your email address if your not a blogger. This bloggy giveaway is completely free… I even pay the shipping costs! I will be selecting a random winner on Sunday, February 3rd. Contest ends Saturday, February 2nd at midnight EST.


58 Responses to “Bloggy Giveaway Carnival.. January 28th – February 2nd!”

  1. Smellyann Says:

    Very pretty, I’d love to win! Thanks and please visit mine, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sandra Says:

    that is so cool

  3. ali Says:

    That’s so pretty! please enter me

  4. Susan Chester Says:

    This mirror is gorgeous. Please enter me!

  5. Shannon Says:

    Your giveaway sounds great! I love this!
    Please enter me.


  6. Count me in please.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Stop by my place to win a bath set & candles or one of two copies of a book I’m giving away. Don’t miss the daily edition of contests galore that I post on my blog.

    Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings

  7. Katrina Says:

    This is so sweet!

  8. Wow, that’s beautiful!

  9. you da mom! Says:

    what a pretty princess mirror! please enter me! thanks.

  10. leon rosborough,jr Says:


  11. Jeni Says:

    This would be great for my daughter’s room! Thanks!

  12. Michelle C Says:

    You have done a beautiful job!

  13. Angela Says:

    Too, too cool! I loved looking around your blog. Thank you for your great offer!

  14. Lisa Says:

    Wonderful, thank you for the giveaway, please enter me, thank you,

  15. Reeva Says:

    GREAT giveaway! I hope I’m the lucky winner!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Kristen M. Says:

    This is so cute. It would look great in my daughter’s room

  17. jayedee Says:

    what a great giveaway! please throw my name in the hat too! good luck to everyone!

  18. Tracy Says:

    It’s so pretty! Please enter me to win!

  19. Tami Parker Says:

    Please enter me! Thanks!
    Tami Parker

  20. Snowbird Says:

    How cute. I love it. Please include me in the drawing.

  21. Deborah Says:

    Oh man, that is soooo me!!! I want it! dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  22. jen Says:

    Please enter me in your contest

  23. Amity Says:

    Very cute mirror!!! Please enter me!!!

  24. Marisa Says:

    That would be beautiful in my granddaughter’s room!

  25. Lisa Says:

    What a lovely mirror!

    Thank you for you having such a generous giveaway! Would LOVE to win!

    Thanks again!

  26. Veronica Says:

    That mirror is just gorgeous! My partner and I are in the process of buying a house and it would look fantastic in the new place.

    Thankyou for offering this.

  27. suedawg95 Says:

    My 4-year-old just saw this and said, “I want that!”

  28. robin Says:

    aaww thats very nice

  29. Marcia Says:

    Aww this is so cute!

  30. abrianna Says:

    What a great mirror!

  31. Melanie Says:

    I love this! I’d put it in my daughter’s room.

  32. ymmat83 Says:

    My daughter would love this. Thanks.

  33. piseco Says:

    Lovely! Thanks for the contest!

  34. Paige Says:

    Oh, my girls would love that in their room.

  35. April Says:

    Ooh, that would be perfect for my daughters’ room. Count me in!

  36. Robynl Says:

    the mirror is so cute and adorable I would love to win it;
    you did an awesome job.


  37. Janice J Says:

    How beautiful, you are so talented!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  38. Terra Heck Says:

    Very pretty mirror!

  39. Tina Jett Says:

    Great giveaway!

  40. pineymama Says:

    Enter me in your giveaway, please. Thank you!

  41. Erica G Says:

    Count me in! What a nice mirror! My girls would love it!

  42. KJ Says:

    Thanks for being so generous! Please include me!


  43. momof2dancers Says:

    So pretty, please enter me! http://scrappyd.blogspot.com

  44. PEA Says:

    What an adorable little mirror you made!! Such a fabulous giveaway! Please enter my name in your draw:-) Thank you!!

  45. lisalmg Says:

    That is such a pretty mirror. (: You did fantastic work on the colors and decorations! I would be thrilled to win! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  46. Beth Says:

    Fabulous mirror! Please count me in!

  47. Jennifer Says:

    My girls would love having this in their room!

  48. kdkaren Says:

    This is so nice, Thank You!

    kpuleski at gmail dot com

  49. Lovely mirror, you are talented!
    Thank you for entering me.

  50. Anastasia Says:

    I’d love to enter! ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Angela James Says:

    I love the mirror. It would look great in my daughter’s room!

  52. Susie Says:

    You are so talented! Please enter me. thank you, Susie

  53. Rebecca Says:

    Wow – that’s beautiful – you did an amazing job!!

  54. Belinda Says:

    Very pretty. Thanks for the contest!

  55. Meg Says:

    Would look great in my little girl’s room! meg.wilson@gmail.com

  56. Angela Palmer Says:

    You can’t be giving that away! It is gorgeous! Thanks.

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